Thunderbolt Jeans – 1 Year Recap

Another six months have passed since my original 6 Month Review of the Thunderbolt Jeans so I thought I’d drop in with a quick follow-up.

They’re still going strong. I still wear these almost every day and they still perform and look as good as ever. Being so impressed with the first six months I’ve been more tough on them over the winter months. I’ve played with my son in the snow, sledding, snowblowed the driveway after storms (so much better doing this than in my old denim jeans!), did yard work, tore down an old swing set and helped friends move. I’m at the point now that I don’t consciously think about whether I’m being too hard on them and they always come away looking no worse for wear.

I tossed my last couple of denim jeans in the basement just to get them out of the closet and I don’t think I’ll be needing them for any reason at all. I anticipate at some point they’ll be donated or given away.

The pockets are still sturdy and strong with no holes or signs of wear. The bottom cuffs don’t show any signs of fraying either. The belt loops were my main concern originally but amazingly they haven’t stretched out or come undone.

There’s really not much more to say which is exactly they way I like it. These jeans are amazing. They hold up fantastic and I’m confident they’ll look the same come this time next year.

Get a pair here.

Travel towels and the joy of linen

timthumb-phpA towel may seem a luxury and a waste of precious space in a travelers one bag and for some time I thought so too. Why deal with having to pack a towel that may still be wet when most places you would stay at provide them? If most of your traveling involves hotels I would tend to agree. These days I primarily stay at Airbnb’s, short term rentals and friends places. Every now and then I’ll find myself at a hotel and even then I’m thankful for having my own towel on hand. Having access to a towel at all times comes in handy especially in hot climates. Being able to wash my face mid day or after a hike and drying off with your own towel makes traveling just more pleasant and enjoyable for me.

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Lems Boulder Boots

Update: I swapped out the included laces with these and turned my Lems into slip-ons.

I’m happiest when I’m barefoot. The less constraints on my feet the happier I am, especially when I’m on my feet or traveling all day. As such I always seek out the lightest most comfortable shoes I can find that don’t sacrifice on durability all while keeping a sleek minimal look. Something that I’ve realized is surprisingly hard to find in my journey to find the best versatile footwear. Having said that, boots don’t really come to mind when you’re looking at those specific criteria. I’ve never really been a boots kind of guy, always preferring low profile shoes in order to keep weight to a minimum. However I’ve recently been traveling more often to colder climates as well as places with more opportunities for extended outdoor hiking activities that had me wondering if I could find something that I could use to trudge through snow and slush lined streets while at the same time looking simple enough to walk around town or even do some moderate hiking in.

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Thunderbolt Jeans – A 6 month review

There’s a good reason jeans are so universally popular. They’re durable, can be dressed up or down, and are globally accepted. For my one bagging minimalist lifestyle there are drawbacks I’ve discovered over the years that had me searching for an alternative. Jeans pack heavy, especially for a 6′ 4″ guy. A rolled up pair of jeans in a Synapse 25 takes up precious space. Additionally denim jeans dry mind numbingly slow. Get caught in a morning downpour and you’ll still be damp by dinner time. And forget about sink washing them with the intention of air drying them in a day.

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Why the iPad Pro 9.7 is my favorite reading device

Having owned several iterations of the Amazon Kindle over the years I was able to make the switch to consuming books on this new digital medium… albeit reluctantly. It took a while for the software to catch up to the fantastic e-paper display hardware for me to truly appreciate the benefits of being able to carry as many books as I wanted, have all my notes and snippets with me and organized, and being able to read a book instantly. Physical books will always have a special place in my heart but I’ve moved on and fully embraced this new digital medium.

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Allbirds – A 2 month review

Update: Be sure to also check out the 6 Month Review Video.

When I first heard about Allbirds and their Wool Runners I immediately placed an order knowing absolutely nothing about them. To say I’m obsessed with merino wool would be an understatement considering the majority of my wardrobe is made up of it. A year ago I actually jokingly mentioned to my wife how I wished someone would make merino wool shoes and here we are!

Order placed I learned more about Allbirds, their story and motivation, and my eagerness to try them out only increased exponentially. A mere 3 days later I slipped them on and… Wow.

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